Controlling the invisible world of precision.Technology developed by EIKO SOKKI leads the industry.



Since our founding in 1966, we have been engaged in the manufacturing and sale of tension measuring instruments and controllers that influence the characteristics of industrial machinery in the field of fiber, paper, film, and foil manufacturing and processing. The innovation of industrial machinery in these areas has been remarkable with high-speed, high-quality, cost performance, and service support as the major factors. Leveraging our technical capabilities developed over many years, we are working on high-speed dedicated machine controllers and systems that manage the entire control system.

We are a unique company with our designers having direct contact with our customers. This is necessary in order to understand the characteristics and usability of the machine and so that they take responsibility until the machine they develop operates correctly. We aim to provide high-quality products and value-added services tailored to customer needs, and continue to be a company that is most trusted by our customers.


What is the mission of your company?

To provide high-quality products and value-added services tailored to customer needs, and continue to be a company that is most trusted by our customers. And, have our employees work together to combine their knowledge and endeavor to offer products that satisfy our customers.

What is your work environment and culture like?

We are a company that is like a collection of individual business owners, each in charge of his customers, growing and feeling the joy of working together. For that purpose, each employee has an individual target in his daily operation to increase the capability of each employee and create an environment with attractive human resources.

What are your thoughts and approach to your employees?

From the time when I was working individually, I believed that a company should be a place where I could improve myself. Liking my work, including its pain and joy, and working hard, I have devoted my life to this work in order to please our customers. And in response to our employees who are working with the same belief, I believe the company should exist for the employees. I want them to feel happy working at this company.

What led you to expand overseas?

Until twenty years ago, we were known as a manufacturer of control equipment in South Korea and Taiwan, but our name was soon forgotten as we became busy pursuing our domestic business and neglected our sales and service activities for overseas manufactures and end users. Expanding overseas is not all about benefits, but because "Made in Japan" is highly regarded overseas, I felt it would be a shame to break the bond with customers that our ancestors worked hard to create. We would like to focus on international sales and increase our name value as a manufacturer of control equipment so that customers overseas will use our products once again.

What is your business strategy for the future?

Valuing communication with our customers, our top priority is to discuss any problem, quickly and accurately promote business, and combine our strength to provide equipment that impress customers and become a technology group that thinks one step ahead of our customers.